Defined cell culture

XerumFree is a fully defined additive, avoiding the need for serum, for a wide range of cell culture practices. Since XerumFree is chemically defined it avoids lot-to-lot variations. All components in XerumFree are highly purified and identified chemical compounds.

XerumFree Benefits
Culturing cells in a XerumFree enriched medium represents a number of benefits as compared to conventional FBS enriched media.

  • Due to its chemically defined nature there are no lot-to-lot variations. This skips the need for testing new batches of serum.
  • There is no interference of unknown serum compounds in your research
  • Since it doesn’t contain hormones nor cytokines it doesn’t bias your research data
  • XerumFree is save in use, since it doesn’t contain animal or human derived materials
  • It can be stored in the refrigerator. No need for thawing before use.                       

CHOiX for defined CHO culture

XF Cell Growth Kits

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