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XF212 XerumFree™

CHO cells

CHOiX for defined CHO culture

XF Cell Growth Kits

XF Cell Growth Kits

Animal Free

Free from animal and human derived compounds / Fully ACF.

During the last decades the regulatory pressure to move away from the use of FBS has become ever bigger since the risk of contaminations with viruses and prions, and the need for traceability records. TNCBio supports the demand for a chemically defined and fully animal component free replacement for FBS by presenting XerumFree™, an efficient and fully defined cell culture supplement for serum free cell culture.

The composition of XerumFree™ is guaranteed free from any product derived from animal or human material. XerumFree™ has an ultra low protein content. The proteins in XerumFree™ are from recombinant source only and these proteins are  produced by a recombinant bacterial process in ACF media.


You cannot afford unexpected situations that can cause gaps in your vaccine production, regarding supply, cost and quality. The consistency of the quality of XerumFree™ is guaranteed by the fact that it is fully defined and fully ACF. Furthermore the risk of supply chain breakdown is virtually null because TNCBio takes also care for the consistency in supply of XerumFree™ to your production facilities.

TNCBio’s manufacturing facilities are prepared for high volume productions and can be flexibly scaled up on demand. The raw materials used for the production of XerumFree™ are not sensitive to volatility, fluctuations and availability of the world market.  This guarantees a constant production and supply of XerumFree™ to the customers of TNCBio, a promise we can put in contract with fixed pricing also.

With this, we provide you with a carefree serum free cell culture. For applications in viral vaccine production and development, cell therapy and many others.

Fully Defined

Fully defined is the best way to the same quality for every batch.

Many products in the market that are offered as alternatives for FBS are compositions that contain hydrolysates, plant extracts and/or animal or human proteins like albumins. This can affect the consistency from batch to batch in a negative way and lowers the control over the culture environment and makes further rational optimization steps difficult to perform.

XerumFree™ consists only of compounds that are each a highly purified chemical from either synthetic or recombinant origin. This guarantees an extremely high consistency from batch to batch and a full traceability record. You can be sure that the XerumFree™ that you use today in your R&D or in your production is exactly the same as the XerumFree™ you will use in the future on short and long term.


Every single change in your production needs to increase your output, whether it is quality wise or in quantity or both. Besides bringing features as constant and safe quality to your process, XerumFree™ has shown in production environments were it was tested that cell output was comparable or higher compared with either FBS or other undefined media.


Standard packaging of XerumFree™ for R&D is 100 and 500 ml Nalgene PETG bottles. For production purposes where volume is higher we deliver virtually every packaging you might require. Being it bags or vessels; as as long as we can source them we can deliver it.

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